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There seemed no illusion too great

no sky too high, no road too long

for her to carve out her fate

For life is her journey in an unknown way

tomorrow a question, the past is yesterday

a room to escape to, an evening alone

contemplation in the twilight zone

She keeps all her mysteries

locked tightly away

for fear they will reveal

too much of her today

Her sense of becoming,

her blossoming time

is all but near to her

yet slightly out of line

When the jigsaw is complete

and the journey is over

a rose will develop

and springtime will discover

more pearls and petals than you could imagine

for her growth and her love will flow over

Brilliant colours and a dazzling array

she will show you her treasures

in an amazing way

you’ll know you have witnessed

her night turn to day :)

While she smiles her M.L. smile.......... :)

Lisa Smiles


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